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Let’s Get Started…

  1. If you are a New User and do not have an account, visit, enter the school Activation Key – assumptionss in the New User box and click Create Account
  2. In the new page, select Grade > Next
  3. Complete the required fields and click Create My Account. In the future you can log in using your email and password at
  4. Forgot your password? Click on the “Forgot your password?” link in the green Existing User box.

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High School Planning

  1. Select High School Planner > Start from your Profile.
  2. Name your plan and click Create Plan.
  3. Click Add English to add your first course
  4. Add all other courses that you have completed, are currently taking, or plan to take.
  5. Click View Progress in the Graduation Indicator to discover the opportunities available across Canada.

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Post-Secondary Planning

  1. Select Post-Secondary Planner > Start from your Profile and select a Destination.
  2. Use the Search Options to narrow down results. Click Search when ready.
  3. Compare opportunities to find which ones match your interests.

Goal Setting

  1. Select Goal Setting > Start from your Profile and Add a Goal.
  2. Add ONE (1) Goal and include an Action Plan for how you intend to achieve it.

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Other Video Tutorials

Click below to discover other helpful video tutorials

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