Grade 9’s going into 10

• No spares allowed in grade 10

• You must choose Religion, Math, English, Science, History, Civics/careers….and 2 electives

• For Math, English, Science you must have the pre-requisite; ie. MPM1D to take MPM2D. My Blueprint should indicate if you don’t have the prerequisite.

• No changes will be made to electives. Courses are scheduled based on the choices you make now. Check out course descriptors on My Blueprint, or the course catalogue on or speak to the teachers of the course. Guidance can help direct you to the appropriate person.

• You are encouraged to complete Community Service hours. Make sure the activity meets the eligibility standards (stated on the back of the form). Forms are available in Student Services and on

There are many pieces of helpful information on, including course descriptors, graduation requirements, community service hour forms and opportunities. Check it out!!