Grade 11’s going into 12

• You must choose Religion and English…and the number of electives needed to make up the 30 required for graduation; ie. If you have passed all courses to date, you can take a spare each semester.

• You MUST have a minimum of 3 courses each semester on your timetable.

• Make sure you have the pre-requisites. My Blueprint will indicate if you can/cannot take the course based on pre-requisites.

• You must have 6 M or U level courses to apply to university.

• HRE4M and HSE4M can be used as one of the 6; however, you can choose to take HRE4O. There will be no level changes– so choose carefully.

• Co-op is “O” level and not accepted by universities.

• You need to be investigating post-secondary options/programs and what the course requirements are for eligibility into programs at different colleges/universities. Use My Blueprint, and You are encouraged to visit the University Fair in September, the College Fair in October, and Open Houses at the universities and colleges. More details to come in the Fall.

• Submit your required 40 Community Service hours ASAP.

There are many pieces of helpful information on, including course descriptors, graduation requirements, community service hour forms and opportunities. Check it out!!