Promoting Leadership through Student Council:

Assumption’s Student Council creates unity among students, administration, faculty, clubs, and community, and gives an opportunity to students to learn the skills of leadership during high school. Students promote school spirit and positive club interaction and encourage an attitude of Christian values based on our school’s philosophy.

Students learn innumerable skills including those of resource allocation, confidence building, learning to establish goals, delegating responsibility, and giving direction to their peers when executing various tasks. They learn to become good listeners, effective communicators, and take on multiple responsibilities, including coordinating school dances, school barbecues, and activities surrounding creating a positive school atmosphere and community spirit.

Student Council is for those who are interested in their school community and student life at Assumption beyond academics. They are hardworking, dedicated students who are eager to make student life memorable. Those who are elected by their peers are usually students with charisma, enthusiasm, passion, and desire to bring about change.

Teacher Supervisor: S. Wozniak, N. Laferriere

Meetings every Monday 2:30 to 3:30pm