Senior School Reach – Grades 11 and 12

School Reach involves memory, speed, knowledge and lots of fun! It is a trivia based game where players try to buzz in before opposing players with the questions being across a wide range of topics including geography, history, sports, current events, music, art and much more. The Assumption team is perennially one of the top teams in Ontario, placing eighth of over 300 teams last year and qualifying for the Provincial Championships 12 of the past 14 years.

We meet every Tuesday in Room 224 from 2:30 to 3:45. Everyone is welcome! Students may come to play friendly games or choose to represent Assumption in tournaments.

Supervised by: Mr. Colterman

Intermediate School Reach – Grades 9 and 10

This year, our reach team consists of 25 players who practice trivia questions using a buzzer system. We have a weekly practice from Sept to March. The students compete in three regular season tournaments where teams of 4 play against other schools in Burlington. We also have a championship tournament at the end of the season where all the school involved in Halton meet to determine a champion for the year.

We meet every Thursday in Room 224 from 2:30 – 3:45.

Supervised by: Mrs. R. Colterman and Ms. P. MacDonald