Welcome to Music at Assumption!

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Here is a list of the course we offer:

AMG 2O1 Guitar Music 10 Open

This course emphasizes performance of music at a beginner to intermediate level.  No previous musical knowledge is required.  Student learning will include open chords: major, minor, sevenths; notes on the first 5 frets; creative activities and ensemble playing. Students will also be required to develop an understanding of standard and TAB music notation, music terminology, and history. The focus of this course will be on learning pop and rock songs on the classical guitar.  The school provides the instrument for the duration of the course.

AMG 3O1 Guitar Music 11 

This course develops students’ artistic knowledge and skills through the performance of music and the preparation of music productions. Students will perform appropriate works, particularly works in contemporary popular styles.  Independently and in groups, they will also plan, market, and perform, making use of appropriate technology, and will evaluate the results. The focus of this course will be on the acoustic guitar. The school provides the instrument for the duration of the course.

AMU 1O1 Music 9 

This course emphasizes the performance of music at a level that strikes a balance between challenge and skill and is aimed at developing technique, sensitivity, and imagination.  Students will participate in creative activities that teach them to listen with understanding. They will also learn correct musical terminology and its appropriate use.  Students culminate the course with a end of semester concert.

AMU 2O1 Music 10

This course emphasizes the creation and performance of music at a level consistent with previous experience. Students will develop musical literacy skills by using the creative and critical analysis processes in composition, performance, and a range of reflective and analytical activities. Students will develop their understanding of musical conventions, practices, and terminology and apply the elements of music in a range of activities. They will also explore the function of music in society with reference to the self, communities, and cultures.

AMR 3M  Music Repertoire 11

This course provides students with opportunities to develop their musical literacy through the creation, appreciation, analysis, and performance of music, including traditional, commercial, and art music. Students will apply the creative process when performing appropriate technical exercises and repertoire and will employ the critical analysis processes when reflecting on, responding to, and analysing live and recorded performances. Students will consider the function of music in society and the impact of music on individuals and communities. They will explore how to apply skills developed in music to their life and careers. This course focuses on Music – Repertoire

AMR 4M Music Repertoire 12

This course emphasizes the appreciation, analysis, and performance of various kinds of music, including baroque and classical music, popular music, and Canadian and non-Western music. Students will perform technical exercises and appropriate repertoire, complete detailed creative activities, and analyse and evaluate live and recorded performances. They will continue to increase their understanding of the elements of music while developing their technical and imaginative abilities. This course focuses on performance of the student’s chosen instrument in a large ensemble setting.