Congratulations to “Beneath Our Skin” at SEARS Festival!

Friday March 4th, 2015

Congratulations to Laural Samson and her entire Production Team for their success of the play entitled “Beneath Our Skin” at the SEARS Drama Festival. After winning praise and acclaim at the competition in three separate categories, the Team will be moving on to Regionals in Cambridge. For more information about the festival please visit:



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Our Clubs

Art Club

The Art Club provides an opportunity for students to work on a variety of art projects, work on a portfolio, earn volunteer hours by painting banners and posters for school events. Students can work in clay, watercolour or acrylic paint, different drawing materials, etc. Extra help and guidance by the art teacher is provided.

Music Club

Description coming soon.

Drama Club

Students of all grades meet every 2 weeks to play drama games, learn basic acting techniques, and collaborate to put together presentations for school activities. Drama club is open to anyone throughout the year.

Arts CouncilArtsCouncilVector

Java Jam

Our first showcase of student artistic talent takes place at Java Jam in late Fall. Traditionally, this has been a show presented on our main stage featuring acoustic acts, monologues, dance numbers and other performances that are sure to keep you entertained. Our small foyer is transformed into an art gallery and we also provide coffee, snacks and other refreshments.

Assumption’s Rock Cafe

If you like to Rock, this is the show for you! Arts Council combines music, drama and dance to bring you a Rockin’ Good Time! The Rock Cafe occurs around March and attracts many talents from all sorts of musical backgrounds. Please be warned, it might get loud!

Arts Night

Arts night is an annual talent show held at the end of the school year, showcasing a cross-section of artistic talents of students and staff of Assumption. Students sing, dance, play instruments, act, show home-made videos, display artwork and even perform unusual acts. Front of house, lighting and sound are all managed by students. Auditions are open to everyone.