gr9-10Characteristics of Academic and Applied English Learners


Academic and applied courses set high expectations for all students. Academic and applied courses differ in the balance between essential concepts and additional material, and in the balance between theory and application.

Loves to read Finds reading challenging
Enjoys writing Writing is not enjoyable
Self-driven Needs direction
Mark in Grade 8 English is 65% or higher Mark in Grade 8 English is lower than 65%
Fairly proficient with spelling and grammar Weak spelling and grammar
Consistently completes homework Homework completion is inconsistent
Prefers reading fictional texts, such as novels, plays, etc. Prefers reading non-fiction texts such as websites,  magazines, newspapers, etc.


Analyze information, ideas and elements to make inferences Describe information, ideas, opinions and themes
Locate and evaluate information and ideas from sources Locate and record information and ideas from sources
Select narrative style and appropriate level of language to suit the form, audience and purpose of the work Identify the specific audience for each piece of writing