Chaplain:  Andrea Taylor

What is a chaplain/what is chaplaincy?

A chaplain is an ordained or lay minister assigned to a secular institution or a church in special circumstance.  Our Catholic schools act as the Church at work in an educational setting, and we are fortunate to have chaplains assigned to each secondary school in our board.

Chaplaincy is first and foremost a ministry of presence, assisting in facilitating relationships within the school setting, as well as between the school and the wider community, as we learn how to live out gospel values. Practically, it takes on a wide variety of forms such as:

  • Developing a culture of communal and personal prayer
  • Class visits/discussions
  • Class/Grade retreats
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Promoting inclusivity, justice, and charitable works
  • Peer Ministry formation
  • Extra-curricular activities such as the Breakfast Club or GSA
  • Individual and group pastoral care services

Through morning prayer, retreats, social justice initiatives, masses and liturgies, we learn to see and live out the intersection of our faith, spirituality, and everyday life.

The chaplain is available as a pastoral resource to all staff and students – no matter their faith background!  While in the setting of our school we certainly approach life from a distinctly catholic viewpoint, chaplaincy is not about proselytization, and a chaplain is ready and willing to help all who are in need!



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