Introduction to Marketing

Grade 11 College Level

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of product marketing, which includes the marketing of goods, services and events. Students will examine how trends, issues, global economic changes, social media and information technology influence consumer buying habits. Students will engage in marketing research, develop marketing strategies, and develop a marketing plan for a product.

Students have the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning. For example, students conduct their own taste test; from product research, display, event and recommendations to their selected companies. We have had the experience of attending business competitions, speaking to retail management at Vaughan Mills Mall and promoting events initiated by the Assumption Community.

Why take Marketing?

There are several important reasons to study marketing. Marketing plays an important role in society. It is important to businesses, it offers many career opportunities, and marketing affects your life every day! By developing a better understanding of marketing, you will also become a better informed consumer.

  • This Course counts as one credit toward the Business Certificate.