Introduction to Financial Accounting

Grade 11 University/College

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting, with emphasis on accounting procedures used in service and merchandising businesses. Students will develop an understanding of how to prepare and analyze financial statements, record business transactions using accounting software and practice their decision making in the management of a business.

Students will study and present business ethics cases and research the career of a CPA. The major project involves the selection of a company and an analysis of its annual report. Students will learn about corporate social responsibility, take on the roles of both shareholders and auditors, complete a financial analysis, track the company’s stock performance and decide whether to invest in their company.

Student opportunities include visiting the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Toronto and listening to a presentation from a Chartered Professional Accountant, participating in an accounting contest sponsored by OBEA and traveling to Toronto or Waterloo to participate in the No Limits Conference sponsored by the CPA’s of Ontario.