Upcoming Catholic School Council Meetings:

  • June 6


All parents are welcome – 7:00 in the Library

Code of Ethics

School Council Members 2017/18 Teacher Representatives
Kim Van Nieuwkoop – Co-Chair C. Bedford
Marijke Coffa – Co-Chair M. Walsh
Christina Brookes
Deb Chedore Non-teaching Representative
John Morrison Rocco Devito
Kandy Harkin Vince Iantomasi
Kevin Harkin
Maria Lourenco Parish Representative
Mary Yachetti
Michael Mark
Rick Bianchi
Shirley Mazza

School Generated Funds Report

SGF Report as at May 31, 2018

SGF Report as at Feb 28, 2018

SGF Report as at October 31, 2017


Annual School Generated Funds Plan 2017-18